Quotes about Models of Diversity
and the cause we champion!


Luis Mandoki
Luis Mandoki
"To see life and its beauty beyond any prejudice… MOD"


Alexander Masson
Alexander Masson
"Strive to be outstanding, that way you stand out from everyone else."


Eileen Grubba, actress
Eileen Grubba, actress
"By excluding these people from society and expecting them to live silently,

"in the shadows, on disability, and in poverty,

"we are cutting off a major life force

"that could infuse great insight and ingenuity into all our lives."


Leslie Birkland
Leslie Birkland
"Perceiving beauty starts with the heart

"and not the eyes."


Danielle Sheypuk
Dr. Danielle Sheypuk
"Now that I am a Role Model straight off the runway of New York Fashion Week, I plan to rock the foundations of The House of Fashion, calling for the recognizition of people with disabilities as models and consumers!"


Iman, Supermodel
Iman, Supermodel
"I've always said runways and photos are important to shape our young girls

"To see models of colour on the runway is important to the self-esteem of our young girls. To see otherwise makes them feel like they can be 'in or out'."


Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman
Vogue Editor Alexandra Shulman
"I am sure we could always do better but I am pleased that there is a greater diversity in the girls that we are now seeing from the agencies and who are reaching the top.

"There's obviously a way to go though."


Stacey Jackson Stacey Jackson

"My motto has always been:

"Itís never too late to live your dreams at any age.

"You never want to look back and regret not giving it a go."


British Fashion Council Logo "The British Fashion Council is committed to supporting diversity and equal opportunities across the fashion industry.

"The Curves in Couture show is an exciting event that is helping to create and celebrate diversity within our industry.

"We are looking forward to seeing this showcase develop and flourish."


David James Gandy David James Gandy

"Get a good agency that you trust and respect and can work with. But I think it's 70% model and 30% agency. So it's really up to you
"I keep in shape by eating well and training very hard.
"Overall in the modelling world its just hard work if you want to make it to the top.
"A bit like staying in shape. its dedication, hard work and you have to sacrifice a lot."


Josie Gibson Josie Gibson

"Loving the models of diversity campaign and I really believe that no matter your shape, size, gender or race as long as you're happy you will always be beautiful"


Lydia Bright Lydia Bright

"I think the key to being a good model is someone's presence, confidence and personality. Being disabled should never hinder any of these factors. Everyone should have equal opportunities and everyone should be able to fulfil their dreams."


Michelle Gayle Gemma Collins

"I am so happy to be able to offer bigger girls a clothing range that they can show their curves off in - why should plus-size girls be stuck wearing black and try to cover up?

"Just because youíre bigger it doesnít mean you canít dress well and be glam - girls, be proud of their figure no matter what size you are - I am!!"


Sylvia Barrie Sylvia Barrie

"Enjoy what you do and be passionate."

"Work hard and believe in yourself and stay humble."


Alexander Masson
by Scott Teitler for Fantastics Mag
Alexander Masson
Alexander's advice to aspiring models:

"If it's your passion, don't give up.

"Take the necessary steps to ensure your success."


Michelle Gayle Michelle Gayle

"Never give up"


Gail Porter Gail Porter

"Just don't let people bring you down.

Always be yourself and don't change for anyone."


Kathy Ireland Kathy Ireland

"Models of Diversity celebrates the unique beauty of each person. Models with disabilities are great people who offer such great unique abilities. So often, the fashion industry ignores diversity.

"This spectacular vision is inclusive. I love opportunities given and the real faces, bodies and souls of real beauty that @modsofdiversity brings to the world #NOW! "



Tyson Beckford Tyson Beckford

"Chase your dreams"


Samantha Fox Sam Fox

"Make sure you sign up with a good agent ! X"


Christie Brinkley Christie Brinkley
  "Diversity is great!

"Necessary in all areas of life and work and community and in representing beauty so everyone can feel included!

"Good Job!"


British Fashion Council Logo "The British Fashion Council is proudly committed to promoting equal opportunities and diversity within the fashion industry.

"We are delighted that Models of Diversity are producing a Curves in Couture catwalk show and encourage all to support the event and the images that will come from the show."


Models of Diversity,
Coluring the Industry

    "This site is a great idea as beauty is in the eye of our Father"


Ilda Di Vico
I first met Angel just over a year now when I attended a Models of Diversity Fashion show as a VIP guest in London. Being in the Fashion Industry and a Top Hat Designer to the Rich & Famous it is important for me to attend these events.

I was overwhelmed when I saw how hard these models worked and their drive was very emotional. They put on a great show and it was very refreshing to not see the stereotypical model. I was approached by Angel to work with her at the Oxford Fashion Week this year where I was to provide my Hats for the event which I did without a blink. It was a great event, the passion the Models have shines straight through and it's amazing to see. I then also worked with Angel on another Fashion show this year and again provided my hats to the Models, once again another successful event.

Angel is trying to change the way we see models and I cannot stand by her enough to help her make this happen. I have seen for myself what this is about and it would be great to get the stereotypical models changed to allow all and every size, colour and disability live their dreams and not be alienated as they are today!

I look forward to working with Angel again on her next event and will continue to support her.

Ilda Di Vico
Couture Hat Designer



As a Fashion Designer based in Brighton my work takes me all around, giving me the pleasure of working with women of all colours, shapes and sizes. I was very honored to be asked by Angel Sinclair to support Models of Diversity, first for the Fashion Show at The Millennium Hotel Knightsbridge London and then for the Tree Of Hope Childrenís Charity Styled & Frocked fashion show held at Ju Ju Kings Road London, on both occasion dressing both the plus and the petite size models.

get waisted
The models were all beautiful, they came in all different sizes which was amazing. I love the fact you also have models that have a disability. Models Of Diversity gives all types of people a chance to show how beautiful they are whether they are tall, short or plus sized.

I wish the company the very best for the future and I would definitely use Models of Diversity to model my clothes in the near future. It was a positive experience to work with Models of Diversity. All the models were beautiful; they were punctual and were keen to please. As a designer and dressmaker my customer comes in all shapes and sizes so it is a delight to work with one of the few model agencies that both recognize and celebrate this diversity.

Angel Sinclair's organisational skills and relationship to the models played a great part which helped to make their shows successful. I would most certainly work with and support Angel withthout hesitation.

Toni Pickles

Get Waisted


TROPICS Magazine is the definitive voice of the modern experience reaching out to Africans all around the world.

We support Models of Diversity

Tropics Magazine


Velvet DAmour
I really love what Models of Diversity is doing to help change our society's notion of Beauty.

I fully support their efforts to make positive change which in turn helps the millions of people who can't live up to the current exceedingly unattainable beauty ethic.
Rock on!
Velvet d'Amour


I came across Angel and the campaign of Models of Diversity less than a year ago and from the first sentence I read about them I became a huge admirer of their work.

As a Fashion Designer, I know how important it is to promote diversity in the fashion world. For so many years we have been fed up with the 'perfect' look of a girl which leads to size zero models, which we all know is wrong but difficult to stop. Models of Diversity promotes, teaches and shows the truth of what's behind the 'perfect' look. To me it is important when I work on shows and shoots that I can connect with the models and that when I work with them we can have fun while creating pretty images. I worked with them on the latest show I did in London and I never before came across so many nice people.

Models of Diversity are not afraid of showing their views and sharing them with the public! I can only wish Models of Diversity more and more success and I can not wait for another show with them.

Bozena Carter

Fashion Designer


Hi Angel

Congratulations on a fabulous campaign!

How refreshing to hear that models are no longer a size 6 and aged 16!!

Jilly Johnson


The Tree of Hope Children's Charity fully endorses the aims and principles of the Models of Diversity.

We would also like to thank Angel Sinclair and her team for their support, professionalism and sheer hard work in helping make "Styled and Frocked on the King's Road" such a great success."

Jeremy Marris


Dominika Budzyńska
Models of Diversity are a perfect example of that beauty goes further than perfectly thin shape and tallness. What counts is our courage to go out and show ourselves to the whole world, despite us not having the stereotypical, "perfect" shape and figure. I think, that what counts is the twinkle in your eye, happiness and full acceptance of who you are. If you love yourself, you will become loved by everyone around you. It doesn't matter if we're using the wheelchairs, if we're tall, short.

Models of Diversity gives people happiness and makes their dreams come true, the biggest ones of them. I use the wheelchair myself, and Models of Diversity is the only agency that can make my dreams come true and the dreams of many other girls who are not fully physically able. It allows to become a professional model. I respect you, the agencies, for looking for possibilities within the limits and not limits within possibilities, and I value that you become more open to the whole world around you.

I'm impressed.

Keep it going!

Dominika Budzyńska



I was very grateful to support Models of Diversity for the tree of hope fashion show with my jewellery.

The models were all beautiful they came in all different sizes which was amazing. I love the fact you also have models that have a disability. Your company gives all types of people a chance to show how beautiful they are whether they are tall, short or plus sized.

I wish the company the very best for the future and I will use models of diversity to model my jewellery and clothes in the near future. Thank very much for having me take part at the show.

Best regards

Danielle Liane


Many years ago I started the Black BUT Invisible campaign which aimed to redress the imbalances within the British fashion industry and it is with such pride that I see that Angel and her team at Models of Diversity have taken on the mantle and taken the campaign to even higher and greater level.

They have made sure that the plight of diverse models in the UK is constantly in the public eye and this has led to well known stars, celebrities and fashion industry greats joining the Models of Diversity campaign and this in turn has led to some significant changes within the fashion industry. I and everyone at Mahogany Models applauds the great work that Angel and her team are doing.

Sola Oyebade

CEO Mahogany Models & Black BUT Invisible